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Garage Door Spring Repair Services

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Garage Door Spring Repair

AG Smart Garage is committed to providing you with a seamless experience with your garage door spring repair. Once your garage door springs break, the door won’t operate properly. Since we understand the inconvenience of it and the impact on your family schedule, we have extended our service hours to include evening and weekend appointments with no additional fees!

Our professional technicians have extensive experience, proper education, and insurance. Above all, they put their safety and the safety of your family and property first. In addition, we’re equipped with the best tools and carry most spring sizes on hand. Our garage door springs repair service extends throughout Chicagoland, including Chicago, Naperville, Palatine, Roselle, Wheeling, Glendale Heights, Woodridge, and Hoffman Estates, IL, as well as Gary, IN.

  • Same Day Springs Replacement
  • Hassle Free & No Fee Service Call
  • All Residential Springs In Stock
  • Experienced & Educated Technicians
  • Bonded and Insured
  • Safety inspection with any spring repair
  • Chicago, IL

  • Buffalo Grove, IL

  • Evanston, IL

  • Highland Park, IL

  • Hoffman Estates, IL

  • Elmhurst, IL

  • Northbrook, IL

  • Arlington Heights, IL

  • Winnetka, IL

  • Palatine, IL

  • Skokie, IL

  • Naperville, IL

  • Deerfield, IL

  • Glenview, IL

  • Lake Forest, IL

  • Schaumburg, IL

  • Elgin, IL

  • Wheeling, IL

Garage Door Spring Replacement 

BANG! Your garage door unexpectedly crashes to the ground. The springs of your garage door just broke. Rest assured that once the springs are fixed, your garage door will be back up and running just like new. Therefore, the whole garage door system does not need to be replaced. (Phew!)

Garage door broken torsion springs

Most importantly – although repairing broken garage door springs may seem like a simple task, we strongly recommend homeowners do not attempt to perform this repair by themselves without significant prior experience. If the springs of a garage door are installed incorrectly, the door may function properly temporarily. However, unexpected complete failure of the garage door is possible in the coming days, weeks, or months as more and more strain is placed on the incorrectly-installed springs. Above all, unexpected garage door failure from incorrectly-installed springs may lead to significant personal injury or property damage.

Unfortunately, garage door spring repair is not something you can simply ignore or put off. Without a functioning spring, the full weight of the door is apparent when trying to lift the door manually, which certainly makes the task impossible. In addition, should you try clicking the garage door opener over and over again in hopes the problem will fix itself, all you will do is cause further damage to the motor and other moving parts of your garage door system.

Instead, call the experts at AG Smart Garage and trust our team to take care of your garage door spring replacement. Firstly, we’ll send a technician to your home or business and inspect the springs to make sure that a faulty spring is the true source of the problem. Then, we’ll make the necessary repairs quickly so that your garage door is functioning once again.

Technician using winding bars to replace garage door springs

Broken Garage Door Springs Are Not Your Fault! 

If your garage door spring just broke, it probably wasn’t your fault. Like all machinery parts, garage door springs have an expected lifespan. On average, most manufacturers build their springs to allow for 10,000 sequences of opening and closing.

If you do the math, opening and closing the garage door once per day equals out to about 13 years of expected lifespan for your garage door springs. However, most homeowners open and close their garage doors a minimum of twice per day, knocking the expected lifespan down to 7 years. In general, especially if you use your garage door as a point of entry to your house or business when on foot, you should expect your garage door springs to last for between five to 10 years.

In the future, be sure to conduct yearly garage door maintenance so you can catch problems with springs and other parts before they lead to the complete failure of your garage door. At AG Smart Garage, we offer routine garage door springs repair and garage door maintenance for your peace of mind. When you allow us to inspect your garage door system every so often, we can find parts that are on the verge of breaking (such as springs) and then fix the problem before complete failure occurs.

Signs You Need New Garage Door Springs 

It may not always be easy to tell when you need garage door spring repair; however, there are a few telltale signs that can indicate that it’s time to contact AG Smart Garage to inquire about garage door torsion spring replacement costs. If you notice any of the following signs about your garage door, contact a professional immediately to get the repair process started.


  • Your garage door will no longer open or close
  • Your garage door is off track when opening or closing
  • Your garage door closes faster or opens slower than normal
  • Your garage door springs have visible rust and corrosion
  • Your garage door springs are stretched out and worn
  • You hear screeching, popping, and other unpleasant noises when opening and closing your garage door


Call AG Smart Garage for Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement or Repairs!

The safety of your family is at risk if you put off garage door spring repair, so turn to AG Smart Garage to repair or replace your garage door’s mechanisms. We do not simply repair garage door springs; we also offer garage door installation/replacement for all kinds of entries, including smart garage doors. We are proud to serve the Greater Chicago area, including Naperville, Palatine, Roselle, Wheeling, Glendale Heights, Woodridge, Hoffman Estates, IL, and Gary, IN. Give us a call today to receive a free estimate for your garage door torsion spring replacement costs!

The Two Types of Garage Door Springs


The vast majority of homes and businesses use either extension springs or torsion springs in their garage door systems. The concept of both types of springs is the same: the spring fights gravity to make it easier to lift the garage door off of the floor, then the pulley system does the actual lifting. But, the two types of springs differ in how they operate, which makes a difference when it comes to your garage door spring repair service.

Garage Door Torsion Springs 

Torsion springs are bigger and bulkier than extension springs. They’re also usually more expensive. However, they tend to last longer, and they’re also easier to lubricate and maintain. Instead of stretching like extension springs, torsion springs twist to offset the gravitational force in order to get the garage door off of the ground. Unlike extension springs, when your garage door torsion springs break, they do not have the potential to go flying across the room, so a safety cable is usually not required.

Garage Door Extension Springs 

Extension springs are smaller, lighter, and generally cheaper than torsion springs. When the garage door closes, the extension springs elongate to assist the pulley system in opening the garage door. Extension springs are sometimes viewed as unsafe due to the possibility of the spring flying across the inside of the garage upon failure. However, safety cables are usually attached to garage door extension springs, which reduces the possibility of injury.

4 springs stainless on white background

Both types of springs have their upsides and downsides. In short, no matter which type of spring your garage door has, we can certainly repair it. And, if you’ve had this problem before and want to make the switch to the other type of spring, we can help with the conversion, too. Contact AG Smart Garage today to get started. Call 224-306-2985 to speak with one of our garage door repair experts today.

four stainless steel springs on clear background

Reviews & Ratings

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AG Smart Garage
Based on 241 reviews
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roman robledo
roman robledo
20:13 25 Sep 23
Manuel is an outsdaing professional. His company should be proud of him. He is the type of person who makes companies grow, he is a high caliber asset to have.
Ally Ortiz (Ally)
Ally Ortiz (Ally)
18:18 25 Sep 23
Manny the technician was awesome!! He addressed all of our problems, he is so professional and so efficient!! AG Smart Garage is on point!! Thank you
Hilda Cruz
Hilda Cruz
16:09 25 Sep 23
Excellent service!!!! 5 stars for service. Manny the technician is amazing. I would be definitely calling you back in the future. I highly recommend your company. Thank you
Jay Opperman
Jay Opperman
23:02 21 Sep 23
I have a tricky garage door that won't seal on one end. AG solved my problem! Finally I can keep the winter out. On time, polite, and skilled, they did a wonderful job. I will not hesitate to use their services in the future.
Jennie Ely
Jennie Ely
20:28 18 Sep 23
I called late morning and someone was able to come out the same day. I had a broken spring and I opted to replace both springs and the two wires on the side of the garage. The technician lubricated my rails for free. My chain was stuck due to the broken spring and he released and fixed it w/o any additional charge. Great customer service.
Edward Adams
Edward Adams
21:15 17 Sep 23
Amazing service! Very professional and knowledgeable service team.
Robert Porter
Robert Porter
03:18 17 Sep 23
Young Manny is a great asset to your company...get ready for excellent things from him...very impressive: personable, intelligent, hard working, informative...couldn't be better...
Gloria Liu
Gloria Liu
22:18 16 Sep 23
Great service. Good product. Quick response to an issue discovered later. Would definitely recommend.
Avs Fan
Avs Fan
20:24 16 Sep 23
Thank you so much. I appreciate that you stayed to get the job done right. There were a couple things that could have been left because they were "good enough". Thanks again!!!
Gary Lee
Gary Lee
15:09 14 Sep 23
Quick response after broken spring emergency. Manny did a fine job getting door rolling again.
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