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Garage Door Installation & Replacement

Whether commercial or residential, AG Smart Garage can certainly help with your new garage door installation and selection. Because we believe in only providing the services you absolutely need, our technicians will thoroughly inspect your garage door to ensure a replacement is the right course of action. If the garage door repair is easy, we’ll take care of everything, and your door will be functioning perfectly once again in no time.

Contact AG Smart Garage to learn more about all of your various garage door installation options. With highly-experienced team members and connections to industry-leading manufacturers, we can certainly install the perfect new garage door for you that has everything you’re looking for. We look forward to hearing from you!

In some cases, the garage door may need to be replaced entirely. Or, you may just want an updated look for your home or business! If that’s the case, we certainly offer a wide range of garage doors from our trusted manufacturing sources for you to choose from. When you hire us to replace your garage door, we’ll discuss your particular needs, wants, and budget. After that, we’ll make a personalized recommendation for your home or business.

Business owners and homeowners love working with AG Smart Garage because we are dedicated to setting you up with the right garage door instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach. No matter if you need help installing a new door or are looking for simple garage door roller replacement services, we’ve got you covered!

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How Do I Know When It’s Time to Replace My Old Garage Door?

Because garage doors are designed to be strong and durable, problems requiring replacements are typically fairly obvious. However, there are a few key warning signals to watch out for, and many homeowners who call to request a new garage door say they had already seen some of them. If the following apply to your garage door, don’t wait another second to ask for help replacing your old garage door:

  • Despite several repairs, your door is still not working properly.
  • There is major damage to your garage door (bent track, caved-in panels, etc).
  • Even after you’ve changed the batteries and reset the remote, your garage door no longer responds to the opener system.
  • You’re moving and want to make your property more marketable.

What Our Customers Say About AG Smart Garage

At AG Smart Garage, our commitment to excellence is reflected in the voices of our customers. We believe that the true measure of our service lies in the satisfaction and loyalty of those we serve.

18:45 10 Jul 24
100% professional and quick! Got an appointment within 48 hours after garage springs broke. Our technician was Yuriy, he walked us through the overall problems and root cause after fixing it, and advised us how to prevent it in the future. It was a great experience for us that us no hassle or haggle involved.
Rick SnodgrassRick Snodgrass
16:20 10 Jul 24
Rishad RajabaliRishad Rajabali
14:12 09 Jul 24
Great service!
Helaine Tiglias RenzHelaine Tiglias Renz
21:17 08 Jul 24
Fantastic experience with AG Smart Garage. Adi was knowledgeable, patient and thorough. Highly recommend them for your garage door needs.
Sunil SoniSunil Soni
19:48 08 Jul 24
Excellent service. The communication through the entire process was top notch!
Christopher MartensChristopher Martens
16:18 05 Jul 24
We have used AG Smart Garage twice and every time they do a great job.The technician today, Yuriy, made an emergency call on 7/5 to get us into our garage when the door got stuck. Yuriy was prompt, professional, and effective in fixing the door.
Matt MoffittMatt Moffitt
17:25 02 Jul 24
Had a spring break Monday night, they came out Tuesday morning. Super professional! The technician made recommendations and have me options I was comfortable with. Highly recommend!
Jan Anne DubinJan Anne Dubin
16:10 14 Jun 24
It is a pleasure to work with Adi and his team. In specific, Manny and Kristen have been wonderful to work with. I love the look and construct of my new garage door and am delighted with the experience of working with AG Smart Garage. I was able work with them to design a custom garage door with narrow windows on both sides to let in more light. I get tons of compliments on the look of the garage door. Thank you!!!
Chris KChris K
22:23 12 Jun 24
Amazing work AG Smart Garage did. Fast and professional!
Amy DavisAmy Davis
19:51 11 Jun 24
Team did a great job and we love our house’s new facelift!
Karen GoldKaren Gold
20:39 10 Jun 24
Yuri was great! He came out in 20 minutes was kind and professional. Awesome!!!
Vitaliy MnykhVitaliy Mnykh
18:16 01 Jun 24
Have replaced one section, which I accidentally drove in.Yuriy does a great job.
21:03 12 Feb 24
Adi and Yuri did a great job in repairing the springs for our garage door! Thank you guys for the quick and efficient service!
Michael PhillipsMichael Phillips
00:26 01 Feb 24
Great service! Adi walked me through what I needed and then completed the work quickly. He was on time and completed the work as quoted. Overall was a great experience!
Bob CompernolleBob Compernolle
00:52 30 Jan 24
Adi was very helpful and went over everything up front. Service was excellent. I will use AG Smart from now on.
Suzanne AaronSuzanne Aaron
23:26 28 Jan 24
We came home to find our garage door was crooked and some of the wheels had come off the track. It was a Sunday and one of our cars was still in the garage. AG Smart Garage had installed a new garage door opener two years ago so we called and Adi was able to be here within a few hours and repaired the garage door. Not only that, he did some extra TLC tuning up on our old door. No extra charge for a Sunday call! We highly recommend AG Smart Garage as they always seem to go above and beyond.
Stephen Fellegy JrStephen Fellegy Jr
00:18 23 Jan 24
Great customer service, Adi did a wonderful job, he was quick and very professional! I’ll be using these folks from here on out when it comes to garage repairs! Thank you Adi!
Laura AndrewsLaura Andrews
22:50 05 Jan 24
Kristen was fabulous to speak with on the phone. She helped to put my mind at ease with trusting this company. The technicians that worked with me, took the time to walk me through the process, which allowed me to feel secure in my confidence in them. I definitely recommend them to others!
Tom MilowskiTom Milowski
17:32 02 Jan 24
Great work, very knowledgeable and took a lot of time explaining to me the work that was necessary to get done immediately and other work to consider.Very professional and showed up on time for an emergency repair.
Max OMax O
17:02 29 Dec 23
First time dealing with the company and it was great. Representative picked up right away (I called after hours) explained how their process works, came out next day and fixed the garage. Also the company is reasonably priced. They send text messages and email reminders about appointments and billing. Dealing with AG is convenient, transparent and hassle free.
Susan WolfsonSusan Wolfson
23:05 28 Dec 23
Organized and timely professional services. Technicians were friendly, helpful and efficient. Great service.
Anne ChessickAnne Chessick
02:56 22 Dec 23
Very good service, speedy, explanations of all work done.Anne
Nancy BlanksteinNancy Blankstein
21:45 19 Dec 23
Had a great experience with AG Smart Garage. Manny came the same day to fix my garage door. He was very polite and professional !
Chris SkinnerChris Skinner
00:19 17 Dec 23
Very professional and punctual. In fact, arrived 30 min earlier than original estimated time. AG was courteous and assessed the situation without pressuring for additional services as many others will try. Great value, worked quickly, and completed project with a one hundred percent satisfaction. I highly recommend them
Khai YangKhai Yang
21:11 15 Dec 23
Great service. Quick and reliable. Good communication and able to fix my garage within 24 hrs of me reporting a problem
Melvin RogersMelvin Rogers
00:22 15 Dec 23
Young man was efficient and didn't take long. He did a great job.

Schedule Residential Garage Door Installation to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Is it time to replace your garage door? Turn to AG Smart Garage for immediate assistance. We proudly offer installation services to residents in Chicago, Naperville, Palatine, Roselle, Wheeling, Glendale Heights, Woodridge, Hoffman Estates, IL, and Gary, IN.

Additionally, we provide homeowners with emergency garage door services, solutions for garage door openers, and new garage door springs. Contact us today if you require one of these services or are interested in a garage door installation.

Residential Garage Door Replacement

Our team of elite garage door installers is available to help you with your broken door every day of the week. We will assist you in selecting the ideal garage door for your property and will perform a professional installation. Our work is backed by exceptional warranties, and we never rest until you’re completely satisfied with our work.

You can trust our garage door installation professionals to make recommendations that improve the curb appeal and beauty of your house. Once you select an option from our myriad supply of new garage doors, we will rapidly install the door to allow you to enjoy your newly renovated space in a matter of a few short hours.

Our Service Area

At AG Smart Garage, we are proud to provide top-notch residential garage door services to a wide range of communities in the Chicago, IL area. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that everyone in our service area has access to the best in garage door repair, installation, and maintenance. Whether you're in need of a quick garage door repair in Chicago or considering a brand new installation in one of the surrounding cities, we've got you covered.

Our Service Area Includes:

We serve a radius of approximately 20 miles around our location in Northbrook, making sure that you can count on us for all your garage door needs.  If you don't see your city listed, just give us a call, and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.  our mission is to make every home in our service area safer, more convenient, and more attractive with the perfect garage door solution.

When you choose AG Smart Garage, you're choosing a local business that cares about your community. Let us be your trusted partner in keeping your garage doors in excellent condition.

Your Guide to Choosing New Garage Doors

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the task of selecting a new garage door? We don’t blame you! There are many things to know and choices to make when replacing an old garage door. Lucky for you, we’ve simplified the process, so you can enjoy your journey to a new door. Did we mention that we work with the best-in-class garage door manufacturers and offer large selections of brands, styles, materials, and finishes to choose from? Well, we do! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get the garage door installation process started!

garage door installation - step one icon

Let's start with the size of your garage door(s)

Garage doors come in various standard sizes and could also be custom-made to fit any opening. Most residential homes have either a single-car or a double-car garage. Most single-car garage doors range from 8′ to 10′ wide, while the standard double-car garages range from 16′ to 18′. The most popular height for a garage door is between 7′ and 8′. Regardless of the size of your space, our residential garage door replacement technicians can fit your garage with a new door.

garage door size selection diagram
garage door installation door material
garage door installation - step two icon

Selecting the garage door material

In general, you can choose from one of six different materials for your garage door. Each one has its ups and downs. Keep in mind, the insulation of your garage door is heavily impacted by your material choice. If you’re not sure which one is right for your home, our garage door installers can help narrow down your options.

An excellent and affordable choice for the majority of homeowners and business owners. Steel is strong, durable, and hard to dent. With proper insulation, steel garage doors can be outfitted to withstand even the strongest Chicago storms.


Similar to steel with two major differences: easier to dent, but less prone to rust.


Popular wood types for garage doors include cedar, redwood, and fir. Generally, wood garage doors are paneled, which prevents warping (garage doors are inevitably exposed to the elements on a frequent basis). Wood garage doors are beautiful!

Wood Composite

Slightly cheaper than wood, wood composite looks very similar to real wood, and in many cases insulates better than actual wood does, too. It’s a popular choice for homeowners who want a grandiose look, but on a budget.


Fiberglass garage door are strong. There is very little chance of denting, cracking, or rusting. However, in very rare cases, if the impact force is strong enough, fiberglass garage doors may break entirely.


Last but certainly not least, vinyl is a popular choice for homeowners, especially those with little kids! They are similar to fiberglass in that they are very difficult to damage, but unlike fiberglass garage doors, vinyl ones come in a wide variety of colors to match the existing color scheme of your property.

garage door installation - step three icon

Choosing a garage door type

Once you’re set on the material of your garage door, the next step in the installation is picking the right type of garage door. You can choose from sectional, roller, retractable, and canopy garage doors.

Sectional garage doors are the classic design. They provide the most drive-thru width of any garage door type, which makes them ideal for most homeowners. You’re never trying to squeeze into your garage and worrying that you’re about to clip your mirror.


Roller garage doors are interesting in that the garage door does not slide to the top of your garage ceiling. Instead, the door rolls around itself, similar to a rolled-up yoga mat, which provides a very unique look.


Retractable garage doors are easy to install, which is a plus. However, the downside of retractable garage doors is that vehicles must be parked at least a few feet away from them (due to the mechanics of how the door actually opens). If you’re cramped on space, choose a different type of garage door.


Canopy garage doors are similar to retractable garage doors, except the door does not “swing” out as much, meaning a vehicle can be parked very close to the garage door without issue. However, canopy garage doors are not the most modern design, which means they don’t work well with automatic solutions like garage door openers. That being said, if you plan on opening the garage door manually, a canopy garage door might work for you.

CHI garage door installation brochure
garage door installation door design
garage door installation - step four icon

Now the fun begin... let's select the style and color

Garage doors are created in many different styles and are available in a variety of colors. Our team carries samples of most garage door styles, so you can see them, feel them, and select your favorite style and color within the comfort of your home.
garage door installation - step five icon

Select options

Many options are available for garage doors — window sections, decorative hardware and packages, security features, and smart garage door options to name a few. Our garage door installation experts will be happy to walk you through all the options to select the ones that best fit your needs.
garage door installation hardware options
garage door brands
garage door installation - step six icon

Last but not least, let's select the brand

Now that you’ve completed the previous steps, it’s time to decide on the brand. We proudly work with some of the most popular garage door manufacturers around, including Safe-Way Garage Doors, C.H.I. Overhead Doors, and Haas Door.

We Work With

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