Everything You Need to Know about Garage Door Installation

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Smart Garage Solutions

Everything You Need to Know about Garage Door Installation


This guide will walk you through the garage door installation process, from picking your door to making measurements to hiring an installer. Read more here.

Do you ever get anxiety when undertaking major home improvement projects? It’s hard to feel confident in your own abilities to renovate a room in your home, re-do your kitchen, or tear down a wall. That’s why many homeowners turn to professionals who can handle the project with expertise. 

Getting a new garage door is one of those home improvement projects that’s best left to professionals. Garage door installation is a time-consuming, oftentimes confusing process which can cause injery and property damage.  Professionals can help with it and give you the peace of mind that your garage door will be installed the right way. 

In the article below, you’ll find some tips to help you prepare for your garage door installation. The article will cover topics ranging from choosing the right garage door to measuring for the new door and finding the right person to hire for your garage door installation.

Read on so you’re aware of everything you need to know about getting a garage door installed. 

Choosing the Right Garage Door

The most important factor in choosing a garage door is that it matches the style of your home. You have a few different options to choose from, including raised panel, carriage house, contemporary, and traditional.

Each door offers different benefits, but contemporary and carriage house styles provide the most unique look for your home and garage. You can use an automatic garage door opener on most styles of doors, so that doesn’t have to be a concern for you when choosing your door.

Measuring for Your Garage Door Installation

When measuring for your garage door, you’ll have to account for the garage door springs and the height, width, and depth of the door. You’ll also have to measure the space between your ceiling and the top of the opening of yourgarage door. 

You can then provide these measurements to your garage door installer. The more accurate your measurements, the better and smoother your installation process will be.  In addition, here at AG Smart Garage we provide free in-home consultation so our profesional technitians can capture the measurement for you.


Hiring a Garage Door Installer

The best garage door installers will have years of experience with all different types of garage door installs. Look for a garage door installer who offers a coplete garage door services and solutions, as they may be able to help with the unique challenges of installing your specific garage door.

You should always explain every detail of your garage door before hiring a company. That way, they’ll be able to give you a more accurate time and cost estimate.

You’re Ready for Your New Garage Door

Now that you’re familiar with the ins and outs of garage door installation, you’re ready to choose your door and get it in place. It might even be easier than you think.

If you’re currently looking for a reputable garage door installation service, you can contact the professionals at AG Smart Garage. 

Garage Door Installation – Buying Guide

Got confused looking for a new garage door? We don’t blame you!  There are many things to know and choices to make when looking for a new garage door.  Lucky for you, we’ve simplified the process for you so you can enjoy your journey to a new door.  Did we mentioned – we work with best in class garage door manufacturers and offer large selections of brands, styles, materials and finishes to choose from.

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Let's start with the size of your garage door/s

Garage doors comes in various standard sizes and could also be custom made to fit any opening size.  Most residential homes have either a single car, a double car, or a combination of the two.  Most single-car garage doors range from 8′ to 10′ wide and most double-car range from 16′ to 18′. The most popular height for a garage door is between 7′ and 8′.

garage door size selection diagram
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Selecting the garage door material

In general, you can choose from one of six different materials for your garage door. Each one has its ups and downs.  Keep in mind, the insulation of your garage door is heavily impacted by your material choice.

garage door installation door material

An excellent and affordable choice for the majority of homeowners and business owners. Steel is strong, durable, and hard to dent. With proper insulation, steel garage doors can be outfitted to withstand even the strongest Chicago storms.


Similar to steel with two major differences: easier to dent, but less prone to rust.


Popular wood types for garage doors include cedar, redwood, and fir. Generally, wood garage doors are paneled, which prevents warping (garage doors are inevitably exposed to the elements on a frequent basis). Wood garage doors are beautiful!

Wood Composite

Slightly cheaper than wood, wood composite looks very similar to real wood, and in many cases insulates better than actual wood does, too. It’s a popular choice for homeowners who want a grandiose look, but on a budget.


Fiberglass garage door are strong. There is very little chance of denting, cracking, or rusting. However, in very rare cases, if the impact force is strong enough, fiberglass garage doors may break entirely.


Last but certainly not least, vinyl is a popular choice for homeowners, especially those with little kids! They are similar to fiberglass in that they are very difficult to damage, but unlike fiberglass garage doors, vinyl ones come in a wide variety of colors to match the existing color scheme of your property.

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Choosing the type for your new door

Once you’re set on the material of your garage door, the next step in installation is picking the right type of garage door.

CHI garage door installation brochure

Sectional garage doors are the classic design. They provide the most drive-thru width of any garage door type, which makes them ideal for most homeowners. You’re never trying to squeeze into your garage and worrying that you’re about to clip your mirror.


Roller garage doors are interesting in that the garage door does not slide to the top of your garage ceiling. Instead, the door rolls around itself, similar to a rolled-up yoga mat, which provides a very unique look.


Retractable garage doors are easy to install, which is a plus. However, the downside of retractable garage doors is that vehicles must be parked at least a few feet away from them (due to the mechanics of how the door actually opens). If you’re cramped on space, choose a different type of garage door.


Canopy garage doors are similar to retractable garage doors, except the door does not “swing” out as much, meaning a vehicle can be parked very close to the garage door without issue. However, canopy garage doors are not the most modern design, which means they don’t work well with automatic solutions like garage door openers. That being said, if you plan on opening the garage door manually, a canopy garage door might work for you.

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Now the fun begin... let's select the style and color

Garage doors are created in many different styles and are available in a veriety of colors.  Our team carries samples of most garage door styles options, so you can see it, feel it, and select your favorite style and color from the comfort of your home.  You can find a few of the most popular options on the right.

garage door installation door design
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Select options

Many options are available for garage doors – window sections, decorative hardware and packages, security feature, and smart options to name a few.  Our team member will be happy to walk you thought all the option to select the ones that fits your needs best.

garage door installation hardware options
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Last but not least, let's select the brand

Now that you’ve completed the previous steps, you know the size, material and insulation, type, style, color, and options for your new garage door, it’s time to decide on the brand.  Here are a few of the popular garage door manufacturers we work with.

garage door brands

We’re Here To Help

Contact AG Smart Garage to learn more about all of your various garage door installation options. With highly-experienced team members and connections to industry-leading manufacturers, we can certainly install the perfect new garage door for you that has everything you’re looking for. We look forward to hearing from you!

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We’re Here To Help

Contact AG Smart Garage to learn more about all of your various garage door installation options. With highly-experienced team members and connections to industry-leading manufacturers, we can install the perfect new garage door for you that has everything you’re looking for. We look forward to hearing from you!