Chicago Garage Door Repair: Why You Should Hire Professionals Instead of DIY

by | May 27, 2023 | Garage Door Repair

Did you know that over 20,000 DIY injuries are reported annually in the United States, many of which are associated with home improvement projects?

The appeal of doing it yourself may be strong. You might save money, learn a new skill, or feel accomplished. But it’s essential to understand when the risks outweigh the benefits.

Take, for instance, something as seemingly straightforward as a Chicago garage door repair. It may appear to be an easy weekend project.

But it requires technical knowledge, specialized tools, and a degree of risk many people underestimate.

This is just one example of many where hiring professionals can save you not just time, but potential harm and future expenses. To make things easier for you, we’ve written a guide. Read on to find out more. 

Making the Problem Worse

When it comes to garage door repairs, there’s a delicate balance of components working together in harmony. If one element is out of sync, it could create a domino effect of issues.

This is where a DIY approach may unwittingly make things worse.

For example, replacing a garage door spring seems straightforward. Yet, there’s more to it than simply swapping out an old part for a new one.

The spring needs to be the right type and properly tensioned for your specific door. Get this wrong, and you’ve potentially compromised the entire system.

You may even add to the garage door repair cost by causing more damage than what initially existed.

Risk of Voiding Your Warranty

Most garage doors and their components come with warranties. These warranties can be voided if you attempt to do the repairs yourself.

Using the wrong tools or techniques can cause undue damage to your door. Manufacturers can identify this and may refuse to honor the warranty.

Imagine having a minor issue with your door. You decide to fix it yourself and end up damaging a significant part.

Not only do you have a bigger problem on your hands, but now you’re looking at a heftier garage door repair cost since your warranty no longer applies.

Risk of Injury

Garage doors are heavy, and their parts are under a lot of tension. One wrong move and you could end up with a severe injury. Springs can snap, doors can fall, and tools can slip.

A garage door contractor has the necessary experience and safety equipment to minimize these risks. They know how to handle these components safely and efficiently.

By contrast, a DIY enthusiast is more likely to get hurt, turning what seemed like a simple garage door repair into a trip to the hospital.

Lack of Appropriate Tools

Specialized tools are often required for garage door repairs. These tools aren’t typically found in your average home toolbox.

Sure, you might have a wrench and a set of pliers. But, do you have a torsion spring winding bar or a garage door spring gauge?

Without the right tools, you’ll struggle to complete the job properly, risking further damage to your door. You may even need to buy these specialized tools, adding to your overall garage door repair cost.

Fixing the Wrong Problem

One of the biggest pitfalls of DIY is misdiagnosis. You might think the problem is the garage door spring because the door isn’t lifting. But the actual issue might be with the opener or even the tracks.

A professional garage door contractor is trained to identify and diagnose a multitude of problems accurately.

They won’t waste time or resources on unnecessary fixes. By attempting to tackle the job yourself, you may end up ‘fixing’ a problem that wasn’t broken, while the real issue continues to worsen.

Problems You Shouldn’t Try to Fix

It is especially important not to try to fix garage door problems that are complex. Garage door cable problems are one example. These cables bear a lot of tension and can cause serious injury if mishandled.

Similarly, if you have detached garage doors, reattaching them is a delicate task best left to experts due to the weight and complexity of the door mechanism.

A garage door malfunction can also stem from the springs. These are under tremendous tension, and incorrect handling can lead to a dangerous release of this energy.

If your door opens or closes too quickly, or if it doesn’t open at all, it’s likely a spring issue, and a professional should be contacted. Similarly, if the door is off its tracks, trying to force it back can cause more damage.

A professional can reposition it safely and assess for any underlying issues that may have caused the derailment.

When you encounter these more complex problems, it’s wise to prioritize safety and efficiency by hiring a trained garage door repair technician.

Easy Problems to Fix

There are minor garage door problems that most homeowners can fix in a few minutes. For instance, if your garage door remote isn’t working, it might just need new batteries.

Or, if your door refuses to close, check the safety sensors. They could be misaligned or blocked by debris. Cleaning or realigning them could solve the issue. Another easy-to-fix problem is a noisy door.

Applying a garage door lubricant to the hinges, rollers, and tracks can reduce noise significantly.

The Benefits of Chicago Garage Door Repair

Instead of trying to fix your garage door on your own, it is a much better idea to hire a Chicago garage door repair service. This is especially important for those who do not have the right kinds of tools or experience. 

If you try to fix your garage door on your own, it is possible that you will cause further damage. You might even injure yourself. 

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