7 Reasons To Invest In A Smart Garage Door Opener

by | May 29, 2021 | Smart Garage Solutions

What is a “Smart” garage door opener?


Generally speaking, “Smart” technology transforms ordinary items and appliances into internet-connected devices. Therefore, items such as garage door openers, home security systems, thermostats, and even dishwashers, can certainly provide you with additional features which make your life a whole lot easier.

“Smart” garage door openers are ones which are Wi-Fi compatible, can connect to your home internet, and be controlled by another internet connected device, such as your cell phone, computer, smart watch, etc.  In addition, a few brands have introduced automation which means you can program your garage door opener to automatically open or close based on certain conditions

How it works


Overall, there are three components to a “smart” garage door system:

    1. “Smart” garage door opener or a “Smart” hub – the garage door opener must be capable to connect to your wi-fi network either directly or through a smart garage door hub.
    2. Internet access – your garage area must have Wi-Fi signal. If it doesn’t, a Wi-Fi extender is needed.
    3. Connected device – any internet connected device to monitor and control your garage door opener, such as: your cellphone, smart watch, computer, iPad, etc.

These three parts work together in harmony to give you complete access to your garage door.  Likewise, you have access to your garage door even if you’re halfway around the world.

Above all, everything happens in an instant!  Therefore, with the power of a smart garage door, you certainly gain more control over your garage door than ever before. So as long as you have internet connection on your phone, everything is possible.

Key Benefits of a “Smart” garage door system

1. Peace of Mind

You don’t need to wonder if your garage door is open. With a smart garage door system, you can check the status of your garage door anytime and from anywhere.

2. Remote Access

In addition to checking the status of your garage door remotely, a smart garage door system provides you with the capability to open and close the door remotely.

3. Securely share access

Instead of handing out spare keys left and right, you can certainly give dog sitters, babysitters, and even mailmen access to your home through your garage door. In addition, you can open the garage door for anyone, and that’s that!

4. Monitor Your Garage Door Activity

Smart garage door opener apps could be set to push real-time alerts keeping you informed of daily comings and goings.

5. Safe & Secure Package Deliveries

Prime members, in eligible locations, can use Key by Amazon in-garage delivery to receive your Prime packages securely in your garage to protect against package theft, damage, and bad weather.

6. A second set of eyes

Certain smart garage door openers come with cameras installed. Therefore, from the app on your phone, you can certainly see who is coming and going.  If interested, cloud solutions are available to record and store motions for the past month.

7. Integration With Your “Smart” Home Experience

If you’re like us, you love simple and seamless experience.  When it comes to your smart garage door system, it could be linked to the following applications: Key by Amazon, Ring, Google Assistant, XFINITY Home, Alarm.com and many more.


If it’s smart, AG Smart Garage can certainly help! After all, it’s in our name! So give us a call to speak with one of our qualified team members today. We’ll explain all of your options, price points, and more. Also, you can request your free estimate.

What We Offer

With our extensive expertise surrounding smart garage doors, we can certainly install anything your heart desires when it comes to smart products.

  • The full system. We’ll set everything up and certainly explain exactly how to use it. Therefore, you get the smart garage door, along with the knowledge you need to use it to its maximum potential.
  • Cameras. Wherever you want a second set of eyes, we can certainly help!  You can go with the barebones package to simply control your garage door remotely, or we can install multiple cameras to see everything that’s happening in every part of your garage.
  • Multi-garage support. In short, use one app to monitor and control every garage door in your home.
  • Keyless entry points. Don’t like carrying keys?  We can certainly help!  In other words, instead of using a traditional locking system to get from your garage into your home, get a convenient touchpad. Moreover, you can easily change the combination at will, instead of hiring a locksmith every time you want to change your locks.
  • Ultimate security. Certain systems allow you to place your garage door in “lockdown mode”.  This way, you can keep the garage door closed unless it’s opened by you, and you alone.