5 Warning Signs You Need a Garage Door Repair

by | Oct 13, 2021 | Garage Door Repair

5 Warning Signs You Need a Garage Door Repair

A garage has a lot of functions for your home. You can store your car/s in it to keep safe and clean. Turn your garage into a workshop or set up exercise equipment inside it for an at-home gym. Installing a garage door preserves the interior and keeps the weather out. It also functions as a way to keep your family and belongings safe. If there’s a malfunction, it can not only inconvenience you but endanger your home. How can you tell when you need to call in for a garage door repair service?

What are the warning signs?

1. Slow-Moving Door

If you’ve noticed you’re garage door moving slower than normal, it could be a result of a few different things.

Your garage door opener may be older and worn out and have less power than it needs. There could be an issue with the springs or physical damage to the door and tracks. You may also just need to oil your garage door’s hinges and track.

The safest option is to call a garage door repair company to avoid potential injury.

2. Noisy Movements

You should be able to tell if your garage door is making new noises. Listen for any popping or grating sounds. The door could be dragging itself against the track, or the garage door springs may be the issue.

3. It Won’t Close All the Way

Even though your garage door may open and close, it won’t matter much if it doesn’t close all the way. Thieves could easily pry open the door, and animals can wander inside. A closed and locked garage door keeps people out and your home safe.

A garage door repair company can check for any issues with the door operation or if there’s some kind of obstruction. 

4. Unstable Movement

An obvious sign that your garage door needs repairs is if the rollers come off the tracks or it shakes when it moves. Unstable garage doors could come loose and damage your vehicle if left unattended. One of your family members may also end up injured.

In certain cases where the door has extensive damage or is too old, it’ll be best to install a new garage door. Installing a garage door is another task best left to a repair company.

5. Broken Opener

Garage door opener allows you to open and close your garage door by pressing the button on the wall control panel, remote, or your smartphone or another smart device. If the door stops working and you know it’s not the opener, then your door mechanism is likely the issue.

You can manually open the garage door if needed, but you also put yourself at risk in doing so. 

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A garage door is one of the key features of your home’s exterior. It only makes sense for you to take care of it so it works properly. Any of these five signs should encourage you to call your local garage door repair company.

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